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 John K Clark

That was then.  Now is now.


Open season for a day please.  All the usual societal guidelines for propriety are temporarily set aside.


>…And here I missed that day, being busy preparing for the 3-week (so far) lockdown that started today.


>…Oh, well.  Perhaps for the best.  As the one John cites there, I confirm Spike's statement: things have changed between then and now - marginally, but enough that I am no longer asking for that ban at this time.



We have all changed, perhaps for the better.  Now we have John openly campaigning for communism, yet no one takes it seriously.


I feel free to openly campaign for capitalism.  Reasoning: there is no point in being a capitalist if one refuses to capitalize.


China is getting hammered by this virus.  The US is doing better than its counterparts.





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