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> Now we have John openly campaigning for communism


Spike, be honest, do you really think that id a true statement?


John K Clark



John, we saw one of the major candidates ruin his campaign by saying a few generous words about Fidel Castro.  The party people let him know that those few words would cost him Florida by 50 points.  It has been a long time ago, but the Cubans and many Floridians still remember.  Without Florida, the cliff to victory is steep indeed, and unlikely.


In California, any charitable word about Chinese communism, Vietnamese communism, or any other brand of communism in a state generally open to socialism would be enough to cause that candidate to lose that state.  Communism is reviled.  It is a murderous philosophy.  Any commentary elevating any part of communism ahead of freedom is revolting.  


Whether or not that is really what you meant to do, it came across as analogous to that candidate who pointed out that everything Fidel Castro did was not necessary bad.  He was good for education, for instance, particularly the “re” variety.  North Vietnam was also good at that “re” version of “education.”


Communism is evil.  Trump is of the party you don’t like.  Two different things.





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