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>> Hey I hate the Chinese government as much as you do but facts are facts
>> and overall they handled the epidemic well, I mean... Xi Jinping is evil
>> but at least he has the courtesy to be competent.
> > ### And he makes trains run on time!

And Mussolini did in fact make the trains run on time. Stating that reality
does not make me a Mussolini fan and denying that fact does not make one a
champion of truth justice and the American way. Reality must take
precedence over public relations because nature can not be fooled.

*> John, you are just like my grandmother.*

Then your grandmother was fond of saying things that were true. I said Xi
Jinping was evil and had competence and that was true. I said Donald Trump
was evil and had no competence and that was true. I said Donald Trump was
half the man Xi Jinping was and that was true too because one is half of

John K Clark
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