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>…Third, I had thought the members of this list would take a slightly more nuanced view of things than José Sixpack in Florida would. Was I wrong?


You promote nuance while labeling those not you as Jose Sixpack.  Do you not see internal tension in that sentence please?



>…And I'd still like to know if you really thought I was advocating communism… John K Clark



In a nuanced way only.  It comes across that way, whenever one says anything positive about reviled leaders such as Castro, Hitler, Mussolini, Xi, any of the commies or Nazis. 


>…Earlier you said we shouldn't talk about Trump because there are a lot of international members on the list so they wouldn't be interested in anything as parochial as what the leader of the most powerful nation in the world is doing…


The US is not the most powerful nation in the world.  It was back when power was measured by the number of nuclear warheads.  But that doesn’t matter much now.


POTUS is not the most powerful person in the nation either.  Those who own the money to make things happen are more powerful.  As the US government battles itself and slips every farther in debt, the power of that office wanes ever more: the number of options continues to decline.  I see no stopping that trend: the Federal government has demonstrated itself incapable of balancing its own budget.  


Meanwhile, the price of everything, oil, gold, even real estate, declines simultaneously, which is to say the US dollar is going up in value.  So the guy with the power is whoever is holding the greatest number of dollars.  OK, so who is that?




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