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> POTUS does not have any authority on the date of the November election. 


To paraphrase Mao Zedong, authority comes from the barrel of a gun. And before you ask the answer is no, I am not a fan of Mao Zedong… John K Clark



And that my international friends is why the USA has a second amendment.  The system was set up so that US citizens can protect ourselves from our own government if necessary, and may it never be so.  The system has that as a feature, not a bug.


John to promote your own political opinions to the status of fact is perhaps the pinnacle of arrogance.


As I wrote those words, the obvious question occurred to me: how can we know that setting one’s own political opinion to fact is the real pinnacle of arrogance?  To know that for sure, we need some kind of arrogance contest or competition.  If I secretly believe I am arroganter than thou, we need to play an arrogance match, mano a mano, and show everyone who is the real world champion of arrogance.


John I will confess you are a formidable opponent in that field.  Acknowledging you as a formidable opponent reduces my own arrogance, which gives you an advantage, making you still more formidable, but of course you may be thinking the same of me, handing back the advantage.  So it isn’t clear.  Until we hold the world arrogantness playoff, we can’t know for sure.



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