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>…  Many would be upset if Trump delayed the election indefinitely, including many of his current supporters who would stop being supporters at that point.  It's not going to happen, Congress is the only one with that power, and they are not going to do it.  Dylan



On the contrary sir.  Congress does not have the authority to delay an election either, indefinitely or otherwise.  The quadrennial election is mandated by the constitution which can only be changed by a ¾ vote of the states.  It is quite unlikely that 38 states would vote to give away their power to the federal government, which is the reason why the US government has remained as stable as it has for so long: authority is distributed.  This keeps any particular individual or even coalitions from becoming overly power-drunk.  The system works.  It was well-designed.


Note that USA stands for United STATES of America, not United People of America.  This too lends stability, for it keeps states in the loop, which is why we have an Electoral College and state legislatures.


We need to always recognize how good we have it in our place in history and space.  Perhaps the biggest part of having a good life is knowing you have a good life.  Life is good.



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