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The date of the general election is set by federal law and has been fixed since 1845. It would take a change in federal law to move that date. That would mean legislation enacted by Congress, signed by the president and subject to challenge in the courts.

To call that unlikely would be an understatement.






OK thanks for that Dylan.


I am very confident that a POTUS who won the election by a narrow margin is quite unlikely to attempt to seize power.


We may have dodged a bullet in another way however.


Perhaps you will recall 20 yrs ago as discussion here spoke of the development of cameras and microphones small enough to be easily carried in one’s clothing.  If you have ever taken an old cell phone apart (you didn’t?  (Why not?)) you already know how small are the cameras in those things, and of course you already know the quality of the video they can attain.


We speculated that people would wear them, infiltrate into organized crime and political campaigns (risking redundancy with that comment) and gather all kinds of intel.  This has happened.  Perhaps you have heard of Project Veritas, which infiltrated the campaign of a suspected socialist (whose name I forget) with millions of dedicated followers.  The open suggestions of violence should that candidate be cheated by the mainstream party he joined is most worrisome.




The commentary on abolishing landlords turned off Californians, many of whom own second or third homes, as well as rental property.  Many of these are Vietnamese expatriates, who have plenty of stories to tell of honest people being murdered because they had owned property.  We had campaign workers caught on video suggesting their candidate would abolish landlords.  Abolish in this case means “murder.”


Since that candidate appears to be fading quickly (after having spoken words regarding Fidel Castro which are very offensive to so many Floridians (but possibly also because of the Project Veritas expose) it will likely not be a problem.  But had he gone to the convention with a strong plurality and the party just said no, there would be big trouble.



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