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What if… those news stories of the Italians breaking into song is all fake?  What if they are all so terrified they won’t even go out on the balcony?  I hope it is real.


Speaking of real: my father in law is 80.  He has been shopping at the same grocery store for 30 years.  He would try to get in the line of a particular checker.  Today she stopped by his house with a box of groceries that are the things he always buys there.  The store manager picked up the tab.  She asked if there was anything else he needed; if so she would bring it by, for she already hasta go in there every day anyway, so it is no additional risk.  It isn’t a big city, but not really a small one either: Spokane Washington.


I do hope the Italian singers on the balcony is true.


Emergencies bring out both the inhumanity and the humanity in humans.



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