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OK we are doing all this social distancing and after a while it becomes habit, for good reason, ja?  If covid is with us indefinitely, we will face it again next flu season, and it isn’t clear at what point it mutates into something less lethal, as did H1N1 and the other bad guys from a few years ago.  Rafal is that how that works?  It mutates into something more like an ordinary flu?


In the meantime, I am pleased with the way the school is doing: the online distance learning seems to be working.


The next step seems pretty obvious.  Colleges will need to transition to distance learning.


We have a lot of pressure toward cancelling student loans, and if we do, it becomes impossible to get student loans: they are too risky.  So we create a huge demand for college which doesn’t cost much of anything.  So if we have a way to let students learn any way they can, then get their credentials taking a pile of tests at their own pace, that shouldn’t cost much.  Then people who can’t come up with the price up front for college can still get a degree.








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