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Fri Mar 20 04:47:02 UTC 2020

>... FWIW, I may not be a medical doctor like Rafal but I am a published

Stuart!  You are a microbiologist!  I assumed you are an engineer by all the
stuff you know.  I don't recall your ever saying anything about being a

This particular pandemic is reshaping our society in ways I think can be
productive.  For some time I have been howling about how we have the
technology to stop moving around as much as we do (as an example) and to do
a lot of education in our homes rather than in schools and universities.  

I have long felt we have not harnessed the potential of technology even a
little.  Khan Academy was a terrific demonstration of what can be done, if a
student has drive and determination.  My son is viewing a streamed video of
one of his classes right now, as the remainder of the school year has been
cancelled, but classes go on.

Amazon Prime is something I have been using more and more over the past
coupla years.  I didn't use it much for groceries, but did for oddball stuff
that is hard to find.  Now everybody is trying to use it, and Amazon is
SLAMMED, is just on its knees, as it brutally takes over all merchandizing,
at which time Jeff Bezos will own the world.  Terrified he is, of pitchfork
and torch-wielding masses, protesting his trillions.  Or not, but in any
case, we are demonstrating that society really can operate on delivery
trucks running constantly, rather than individual cars moving about.

Our governor is apparently terrified by the risk that our hospitals will be
completely overwhelmed.  If so, one of the most vulnerable populations are
the homeless, of which California has so very many, because they live in
close quarters where cleanliness is difficult or ignored.  There are plenty
of homeless people who have never heard of Corona virus.

If the hospitals are filled to capacity with homeless such that the people
who paid for them can't get in, there will be trouble for the old guv.


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