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>>>>… If the government had issued a contract to Musk in January his factories would be churning out ventilators right now…


>>>The government is already broke.




> John the evangelistic efforts should be taken to a religion subgroup discussion,


Yeah Spike you made that same joke before.


 John K Clark



Ja, perhaps in response to a similar comment you made regarding the sake of a deity.


Let it go John.  Start a subgroup.  BillW might come, I will come.  Let’s stop spamming the ExI list with this endless campaigning.  We have long since recognized that you have at least a mild disdain for the current president whose name escapes me at the moment.  But everything isn’t politics and government is not god.  It isn’t clear that god is god.  This is up to humans to solve on our own, without higher power, supernatural or political.




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