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> *“Smart”??? Did I really hear Dr. Smigrodzki call Trump smart?! *

Trump is so incredibly dumb he won't even tell the truth when the truth
would serve his reelection interests better than a lie would. If in early
January Trump had told the truth as science best understood it and said I'm
sorry to say it but it looks like we're heading toward a horrible tragedy
then when the bodies started to stack up like cordwood he'd look wise and
prescient; and if it had turned out the expert epidemiologists were wrong
and things didn't turn out all that bad then he could claim that thanks to
his heroic measures he saved hundreds of thousands or millions of lives.
But by continuing to insist until just a few days ago that the virus was
just a Democratic hoax and nothing to worry about Trump now looks like the
world's biggest horse's ass. And then, as frosting on the low IQ cake, just
yesterday Trump claimed he knew COVID-19 would be a global pandemic before
anyone else did, and by making that utterance he vividly demonstrated to
the entire world that he is not only a world class fool he is also a world
class lyer.

 John K Clark
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