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John, we are just sick of it.  Totally sick.  Full  Replete  Over
everythinged.  Unless you agree to being in a subgroup I am going to delete
your messages without reading them and I hope everyone will join me.  Truly
you are obsessed and that is coming from a clinical psychologist.

Are you truly accusing anyone here of being in a Trump cult?  That is so
totally out of contact with reality that I am really beginning to worry
about you.  Well, no really beginning - that took place quite some time
ago.  Face it, John, I challenge anyone who wants to read your screeds to
say so so that you will see just who wants more of the same from you.  You
are not saying *anything* that cannot be found all over the internet.

bill w

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>> > *I propose an end to the campaigning and evangelical efforts please.*
> Because how the most powerful man in the most powerful country in the
> world is dealing with the worst crisis of the new millennium is too trivial
> an issue to talk about, and because members of the Trump Cult are so
> delicate they become permanently traumatized by any criticism of their
> demigod.
>  John K Clark
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