[ExI] L5 society and infections

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Sat Mar 21 22:11:51 UTC 2020

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> That problem turns out to be far more difficult than it sounds.  An
> atmosphere is a great way to filter some kinds of particularly harmful
> radiation.

I know this area moderately well.  Do you have a pointer to "some
kinds of particularly harmful radiation."

> A sheet of metal creates a bunch of secondary particles when
> struck by high-energy particles.  To filter out the bad stuff requires a
> lot of material.

It takes 6 m of polyethylene to get the radiation down to 20 mS/yr.
About 10 m of rock will suffice.  This is what killed power satellites
being constructed by humans.  The smallest rotating habitat took
60,000 tons of shielding.


> This makes me think we must have a way to use material
> already out there, such as from the asteroid belt.

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