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I do miss the focused subgroups.  Those things were so intense and worthwhile in their way.  We had them on single-state-to-orbit, guns, openness vs privacy, lots of math ones including one that I think led to BlockChain and BitCoin.



>…Single stage?







Ja, single STAGE to orbit, sheesh, my fat fingers.


We had a good SSTO group going for a while back in the days when that was still a real possibility.  I was in the school of thought which held (and still hold) that anything you can do with one stage can be done better with two.


We were doing actual calculations in those days, lotta smart aerospace guys joining, some who weren’t ever part of ExI-chat, proposing designs and such.  


Fully-recoverable two-stage is a good solution to a very difficult problem.  Keith might have other thoughts, as I vaguely recall he was in on the chatter back in those days.  I was more active on that one than any of the others, and it was mostly before I did much of anything on ExI.


In retrospect… I don’t even know if that group started out on ExI.  It might have pre-dated this list and just had a lot of ExI guys on it.  Eh, memories from over 25 yrs ago are not reliable.


Keith do you remember an email group with about 30-40 guys kicking around SSTO ideas?  Who were the others?  It was in about early 90s, and I still have my handwritten notebooks from those days, somewhere.  I don’t know where they are, but I know I didn’t throw them out.



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