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> I think it will be hundreds of years before simulations catch up with
> reality.  The brain is such an incredibly complex thing that just coding in
> odors,touch,and so on cannot being to rival the experiences of biological
> life.

You may be right, but if a brain can be simulated at the cellular level
there's no need to understand how to code senses to rival those of
biological life--they'd be bio-identical.

>    I could see uploading if the body just becomes too great a burden or is
> unfixable.

Humans can't live much past 120, even in the most ideal conditions.
Uploaded life has the potential to be unlimited.

>  You are assuming that AIs will be relied on to proved the electricity
> for all these sim machines, eh?

 Not necessarily. There could be real flesh people outside the simulation
doing it. Or telepresence robots run from inside a simulation. Or
intelligent robots, if that makes sense. Or cyborgs.

Ideally we'd want to move past playing by the rules of biochemistry in
>> order to do non-biological things.
I don't know what that means.  You want to do non-biological things to a
> biological body?

No, I want non-biological nanobots to be able to do things inside a
biological body. Like structural repairs, killing biological invaders, etc.

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