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Because our local school district has only one high school and no land
anywhere nearby suitable to build a second one, that one high school
suffered terrible overcrowding.  So we passed a bond measure to build a
second high school on the small piece of land where the district offices are
now located, but buildings take a while to build.  The town is still
growing, so the superintendent ordered the district to create remote
learning plans which would allow students to apply to study from home, then
come to campus only for events and testing and such, typically once a week.


The plan was ready, hadn't rolled out, covid-19 general quarantine, the plan
cranked up and ran, OK cool.


I am forming a committee to evaluate the general success of the effort, and
what we can do to improve it.


If anyone has any ideas, inputs, observations, attitudes, experiences to
share, please do. 


I will offer one.  The math assignments are turned in now by the students
scanning to taking photos of the completed assignment and posting them to a
shared album (their own) which the teacher then has access.  This is COOL!
Now we have the assignments forevermore in a digital form, from which good
clean paper copies can be generated in the future.  Starting now, all
written assignments can be digitally stored, which makes them accessible for
recycling in later classes.  Plenty of essays and history assignments can be
resurrected later, punched up with a little more sophistication, all in
keeping with the admirable conservation principles of recycle, repurpose,



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