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>…How is the town growing if there is no available land?  Only way to go is up?  bill w




The town is growing by two main mechanisms: granny units in the back yard and more people cramming into an existing home.


Granny units are a small home built in the back yard.  Until recently, permits for those were very difficult to get.  Suddenly the city governments came up with the idea that these would reduce homelessness and urban stealth (people living in delivery trucks converted to makeshift campers.)  A local business was set up.  You call them, the ask a few questions, do all the paperwork, pull all the permits, send in a work crew, set up a little house out back in two weeks, analogous to a small studio apartment 16 ft by 20 ft, stand-alone residence, under $200k, three weeks from payment in full to hand over the key.  


Two of my neighbors bought them.  In both cases, the building crews came in there, did their work and were gone, and no one even noticed.  It was so astonishing: my neighbor invited me over for the ribbon cutting, and I wasn’t even aware he was having anything done back there.  They were fast, they were quiet, they got it done on schedule.


The other mechanism: more people in a home.  Just as automation has enabled more people to fit in a given office space, it has also enabled more people to occupy a home.  Think of all the ways.  My neighbor across the street raised three children.  Two still live with him.  Both are in their late 20s.  The third moved out of the area: couldn’t afford even a minimal rental, not even someone’s granny unit out back: those rent for over 2k a month.


Result: the town grows, even after all the land is occupied.


Growing upward: the city’s attitude is that the sky is free land.  But of course it isn’t until we figure out how to drive on it, and figure out how to educate the children in place, bring in supplies mostly without having individual proles move in and out, and so forth.  Until we figure out where to park all the cars we are so fondly accustomed to having, the sky is not free land.


BillW, I have few insights on the parking problem, for mass transit suddenly doesn’t look like such a great deal any more.  But… I do have insights on educating the larvae in place, and I am always eager to hear yours.















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Because our local school district has only one high school and no land anywhere nearby suitable to build a second one…If anyone has any ideas, inputs, observations, attitudes, experiences to share, please do. 



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