[ExI] COVID-19 has now killed more Americans than Chinese

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 16:49:23 UTC 2020

Just a few minutes ago yet another COVID-19 milestone was reached, it has
now caused more deaths in the USA than it has in China where it all
started; 3305 died in China but as of right now 3408 have died in the USA
and by this time tomorrow it will be many hundreds higher. So I think I can
say it is an objective fact that even though the USA had about a 45 day
warning that China did not China handled this emergency much more
skillfully than America has. And despite what some have written my saying
that doesn't prove I'm advocating communism, it just shows I think reality
must take precedence over public relations because nature can not be fooled.

John K Clark
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