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>> It makes no difference how astronomically unlikely something is, as long
>> as the probability is not exactly precisely zero if you have infinity and
>> eternity to work with then not only will it happen it will happen an
>> infinite number of times.
> *> But we have not had infinity to work with. *

We have infinity to work with if Hugh Everett's Many Worlds interpretation
of Quantum Mechanics is correct, or if Eternal Inflation is right, and if
the inflationary model of the Big Bang is right then Eternal Inflation
probably is too. And even if none of that is true and the universe is
finite in the past dimension it could still have a infinite eternal future.

*> By all current measurements, the universe has had a finite life so far.*

Physicists have never detected an infinite number of anything, but then I
don't see how they could.

John K Clark
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