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> I disagree with there being two 'healthy, adaptive genders.' That's
> sneaking in basically religious morality with, of course, a
> pseudo-biological rationale, into these categories. Again, I ask you look
> over the work of folks like Anne Fausto-Sterling and Cordelia Fine.

### Do you have an insight into my motivations that I don't have? As I
mentioned many times on this list in the last 25 years, I am an atheist, so
please don't impute that I am "sneaking" and using a "pseudo-biological"

Being gay or trans significantly interferes with one's ability to create
and maintain stable, child-rearing families. This is a simple biological
and statistical fact. Dismissing this fact as "religious morality with
pseudo-biological rationale" doesn't make it go away.

That's the thing with facts, they don't go away even if you call them bad


So, they say that a psychologically disturbed man or a malingering man may
> claim
> himself to be a woman and we, normal people, are obliged to respect his
> claims.
> Personally knowing and working with many people who identify as trans, I
> can attest that they aren't malingerers. I'm wondering where you get that
> from.

### As you quoted above, disturbed or malingering. I guess you met the
disturbed ones.

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