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The "right" trusts their neighbors, even their "left" neighbors, more than the government.


>…If they don't trust government then why are the right the super-patriots who literally hug and kiss the flag and look like they're about to hump it?


Content may not be appropriate for younger viewers <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PW3fuQl1C0>  


They don’t.  That is a cartoon version of rightists.  Your video was a politician clowning.  The guy in the picture isn’t a right-winger by far.  Perhaps you imagine an intentionally-distorted version of rightists. 


The "left" trusts the government more than their neighbors, especially their "right" neighbors.


>…A leftist is a rightist who got drafted…


If so, we would be running out of leftists.  The draft in the US ended nearly 50 yrs ago.  The youngest draftees would be approaching the end of a typical life-expectancy.

>…A rightist is a leftist who got mugged. John K Clark


If so, we would be running short of rightists.  As watches have become cheap, credit cards easy to trace and cell phones even easier to trace, mugging has dwindled to nearly nothing.  That is a crime which has mostly disappeared.



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