[ExI] Essential Upload Data

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Tue May 5 16:54:37 UTC 2020

On 05/05/2020 01:29, Adrian Tymes wrote:
> But in practice, real options presented today for cryopreservation 
> make that a true dichotomy.  For example, as of today, Alcor offers to 
> preserve just the head or the entire body; they do not offer any "in 
> between" option.  Every other cryonics service I've seen, either 
> offers the same choice or only offers one or the other option.  So 
> there is a real, practical choice - again, in terms of what is 
> available today - between "just the head" and "the entire body".  
> Since no other options are available today, no other options merit 
> consideration for someone facing cryopreservation today.  Other 
> options might be considered for a future service, if there is a 
> realistic chance that some cryopreservation service might someday 
> offer other options.

Good point.
Alcor do, though keep notes on each patient, so people can make their 
wishes known re. resurrections conditions, etc. Perhaps the endocrine 
data could be part of that? It would be up to the patient, not Alcor to 
produce the data, and include it in the notes. I'm thinking that some 
blood analysis should be sufficient, rather than a detailed examination 
of the endocrine glands.

In any event, the existence of the neuro-only option shows that many 
people think the brain alone will contain the essential upload data, and 
the rest, apart from a scarce few, only want full-body preservation 
because they want their original body, in working order, afterwards, not 
because they want a 'more accurate' upload.

I'm confident that omitting data from the original body won't have any 
significant effect on an uploaded mind. Apart from vague statements 
about the body contributing to our consciousness, or our minds 
'extending into' the body, I've not heard of any evidence, or convincing 
theory, to the contrary.

Ben Zaiboc

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