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>"here we have a sincere well informed intelligent man that will tell me the truth" 

That’s not what they are selecting for.  They are selecting someone who will aggressively pursue their interests.

>[Dem. Politician] called extreme right wingers "deplorables", and she got into enormous trouble when she did so

Well “Dem Types” don’t like this kind of language. They want an air of respectability. They want politicians to “play fair”. 

And “Right Wing” types don’t care about the language (because that’s not really their thing), they care about the implication that they’re wrong. They also know that they can use it as a weapon because “Dem Types” will find the language off-putting.

> Anti free speech.

“Left Wingers” also object to and cancel plenty of speech.

> Anti Free Trade.

There are also plenty of “Left Wingers” that don’t like free trade. Have you heard of NAFTA? Opposed by US labor unions and US environmental groups since it’s inception?

TPP has also been denigrated by “Left Wingers”.

Tide of bipartisan political opposition to free trade: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/20/republicans-and-democrats-oppose-free-trade-in-2020-white-house-race.html

The anti-globalization movement has prominent “left” and “right” elements. 

> Anti Euthanasia.

Before reading this, I thought Euthanasia was broadly disliked in the US but it turns out is it broadly favored. (73%)


55% of weekly church goers, 60% of “conservatives”, and 67% of Republicans say it’s fine. 

So I learned something new today.

>Anti high middle and lower classes.

I don’t really understand this. Can you provide examples? But likely I address this in the section below.

> And Pro the super ultra high class, the richest 1% of the 1%.  And VERY Pro the richest 1% of the 1% of the 1%.... except for Jeff Bezos....

While the video had it’s flaws, this is clearly explained in the “Always a Bigger Fish” video by Ian Danskin. https://youtu.be/agzNANfNlTs


The dynamics of Trump’s “Rabid, die-hard” supporters is described very well in Bob Altemeyer’s “The Authoritarians”. Which is free to read via his website. https://theauthoritarians.org/Downloads/TheAuthoritarians.pdf

It should answer almost any questions or puzzlement you have on the phenomenon. 

SR Ballard
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