[ExI] Essential Upload Data

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Wed May 6 19:21:32 UTC 2020

On 05/05/2020 17:56, Re Rose wrote:
> don't think this will solve the essential problem. I think any upload 
> is problematic. I believe there are two problems that will be really 
> hard to solve: first, preserving the cyclic, dynamical environment of 
> non-neural information available in the body such as hormonal cycles 
> or feedback from non-neural neurotransmitters (such as from your gut) 
> is difficult, with no solution on the horizon. Second, your cortex is 
> specifically wired to accomodate your body, with all its quirks, 
> balances, habits, accomodations, skillz, and tics. Every human body is 
> different and each body's cortex learns the characteristics of that 
> body. While we know the cortex is nearly infinitely able to accomodate 
> and learn, learning an entirely new corporeal system may not only 
> overwhelm it, but the being that emerges after this process is highly 
> likely to not be "you". 

I think the clue here is in "your cortex is specifically wired to 
accomodate your body, with all its quirks, balances, habits, 
accomodations, skillz, and tics". If the cortex is uploaded 
successfully, then the upload will contain all the information needed to 
reproduce these 'quirks, balances, habits, accomodations, skillz, and 
tics'. The emulated body would take this information, and reproduce the 
environment that the cortex expects. A bit like a mould, it doesn't 
matter if you have a positive or a negative impression, you have the 
same information, and can produce the opposite piece.

As for the cyclic, dynamical environment, I don't see how that would be 
a problem. I've suffered from severe jet-lag before, it didn't make me a 
different person, and I soon recovered from it. And as we are all 
basically the same, the detailed differences wouldn't be significant. 
Certainly not as significant as you are saying, so as to make you a 
different person.

"PS - what would be *really* nice is to save an uploaded copy of the 
brain along with the crypreserved body so that any damage to the 
information in the brain due to the cryopreservation process can be 
repaired using the upload as a backup. You would have your original 
body, complete with all its information, plus a brain backup for repair 
of any neuronal information loss. Yay! Sign me up, please -R"

I don't understand this.

If you already had an uploaded copy of the brain, there would be no 
point in having a cryopreserved original. There would be no point in the 
cryopreservation in the first place, if we could create the upload 
without it.

The point of cryopreservation is that we can't upload brains yet, so 
it's a way of preserving the information until we can. Once we can 
upload wet brains, no-one would bother with cryopreservation (assuming 
the upload process wouldn't destroy the brain, which it probably would).

Ben Zaiboc

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