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>>… I think student debt is the next bubble to burst… Will




>…Unfortunately, it needs to be burst, and the federal backstop on student loans needs to be removed.   Between the pressure on universities from CV-19 and removing the federal loan backstop, you would see tuition prices drop in a hurry… Dylan



Think of all the opportunities we are now seeing for doing education waaaay the heck cheaper than has been done before.  The online learning has proven highly effective for some students, and doesn’t cost much of anything.


Another take on it: a large and growing cost associated with schools is the legal liability.  With online learning, that goes away.  Most of the facilities cost goes away.  Consider Khan Academy, oh excellent resource, free to all comers, runs on donations.  Think of the cost/benefit of that.  If we have an effective way to measure students’ progress, we wouldn’t really need traditional campuses.






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