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Fri May 8 16:25:40 UTC 2020

We have a deadly, very contagious disease called influenza every year which
does not shutdown entire economies.   There are very well defined high risk
groups for CV-19 lethality.

The economic impact has been driven both by the fear that has been induced
in most populations globally by government officials and the media, and by
official mandate that attempts to make examples of offenders.   Yes, of
course, there would still be significant impacts on some sectors in any
case but many people would not be exhibiting current behaviors with no
mandate if they understood how low the actual risk of death is in most
portions of the population.

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> Government-mandated shutdowns are not the primary cause of the economic
> downturn. Having a deadly contagious disease in the community would
> severely damage an economy even if the government actively tried to
> encourage normal economic activity.
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