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My suggestion is to stop all public mass transit, all buses, taxis, trains, subways, everything.  Then, everyone else goes back to work and business.  I know that still leaves a lot of people out of work and out of luck.  I get that.  I don’t have all the answers.  But I have that one: public transit is the bad guy here, or certainly one of the very worst.  Governors do have the authority to close subways and buses.


>…And then give unemployment compensation to those who self-certify that they needed mass transit to get to work?  (Which is often technically false - one *can* use taxis and other such services, just more expensively such that one can't pay other bills.  The questions and legal thresholds usually leave off or discourage consideration of "while also paying all my other bills".) 



Ja.  Unemployment will be high of course, and the system might still fail with the rest of the non-urban areas working.  But it would hold up for a while, which might be a good compromise.


We have painted ourselves into a corner with those subways.  There is no reason to believe this is the last epidemic.  No matter how you cut it, those things will always be a health hazard.



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