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This map from the Johns Hopkins site is very informative.  The map below is
about 100 km side to side, so think of it as a 50 km radius from the statue
of liberty.


At this scale it is hard to see, but this is the Covid-19 epicenter of the
USA, the mouth of the Hudson River.






The worst county is Queens, to the right of the harbor where the Statue of
Liberty stands.  Cook county is in Chicago.  Kings is to the west of Queens.
Bronx is north of Queens.  Nassau is east of Queens.  Suffolk county is
everything out to the east on Long Island.  Westchester county is the next
one north of Bronx.  Los Angeles county gets in there, then New York county.


You wouldn't be very far off if you said the Statue of Liberty is ground
zero for Covid in the US, and those are counties around there are the ones
most dependent on mass transit.


I know it isn't a good solution and doesn't work for everyone, but it is
clear enough what needs to happen.



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