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* > Deficit spending *SHOULD* be reserved for crises like the present
> pandemic.*

Deficit spending is especially important in a crisis like this, whatever
negative impact it may have it's insignificant compared with the harm
caused by not doing it. I think Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal saved the
nation from a Communist or Fascist revolution, during the Great Depression
people wouldn't have stood for a federal government that just watched and
did nothing as they starved to death, and that's pretty much what most
republicans of the era recommended. Some things never change.

> *We have been running deficits for decades*

For nearly 2 centuries actually interrupted only by the Clinton years.

> *all the while income inequality has been increasing.*

Not just increasing but accelerating. As I have said before one way or
another that trend will NOT continue and some endings are more
unpleasant than others. The super mega ultra rich are fools if they ignore

* > As I write this there is the second confirmed case of covid-19 in the
> President and Vice-President’s staff. For a supposed germaphobe Trump has
> been rather blasé about the whole thing;*

If Trump doesn't get sick we will have final definitive proof that there is
no God.

> *> I wonder how President "I don’t need to wear a mask to the mask
> factory.” Trump will react tomorrow.*

When Trump visited the mask factory without wearing a mask and
recommended everything reopen the song "Live And Let Die" was playing in
the background.  The symbolism was perfect!

* > Who the hell am I kidding, he’ll probably be tweet storming about deep
> state conspiracies to infect him. *

I predict he's going to start saying the official death numbers from
COVID-19 are fake news and it's all just a liberal conspiracy from the deep
state and actually there is no virus at all. But it's still all China's
fault for starting the virus. And it's all Obama's fault for not having
developed a test for COVID-19,  the fact that the virus didn't even exist
when he was in power is no excuse. By the way, the new death number for
America is 78,616. and at the beginning of March the number was zero.

John K Clark
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