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The problem with comparing Koreans and people from New York City is the
difference between Asians in general and Americans in general.  National
character matters.

Asian are raised to conform and not stick out, not even raising your hand
in class to ask a question because that calls attention to yourself.  So,
whatever the masses are doing, that's what Asians want to do.

Americans are individualists and conformity is anathema - at least
comparatively speaking.  Just give us a rule and we'll find a way around
it.  "Don't tell me what to do!"  Contrarians teem.

bill w

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> *> the overall signal is clear enough: infections per capita are all about
>> population density. *
> The population of Seoul South Korea is 9.7 million and has a area of 234
> square miles giving a population density of 41 thousand per square mile.
> New York City has a population of 8.4 million and a area of 469 square
> miles giving a population density of 18 thousand per square miles. So the
> population of Seoul is 2.28 times denser than New York City.
>  > *The hardest-hit areas are those dependent on mass transit.*
> Seoul's subway system is almost as long as New York's, 220 miles versus
> 236 miles, and Seoul has a much higher annual ridership, 2837 million
> versus 1680 million.
> South Korea reported its first case of COVID-19 on the same day the US did
> , and 7 weeks ago both countries had the same number of deaths from it,
> but today 26,358 people in New York City have died of COVID-19 but in all
> of South Korea (not just Seoul) there have only been 256 deaths.
> So Spike, your theory just doesn't fit the facts, and when a theory
> doesn't fit the facts it must be abandoned.
>  John K Clark
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