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> > *It feels like you are trying to leverage a crisis into an opportunity.*

I know it's not politically correct to say but I think if somebody can
profit from a tragedy, or turn a crisis into a opportunity, or turn a lemon
into lemonade, or in general find a way to extract a little good from
something very bad then that would be nothing to be ashamed of, in fact I'd
say it would be a very Extropian thing to do, at least in Max's original
meaning of the word.

>> …to be reminded of the grim reality that an American dies of this virus
>> about every 49 seconds, but with all Trump's grandiose talk…
> *> The Federal government doesn’t have the final say on that. *

If sure doesn't as long as Trump is running the show, although you can be
certain that whenever something good happens Trump will claim 100% of the
credit, and when something bad happens he will claim that's not his
department and blame governors or mayors or China or above all blame Barack
Obama. The sign on Trump's desk says "The Buck Stops Anywhere But Here".

> >  *I don’t see you posting curses on Xi Jinping.  Why is that?*

Because my Chinese paymasters wouldn't like it obviously.

>…of opening up and getting back to normal it might be relevant to remember
>> that people are suffering and dying right now, and Trump's idea would make
>> it much worse…
> *> Trump doesn’t make the call on that.  *

Trump very strongly disagrees:

When somebody is president of the United States, the authority is total

*> May you escape all illness John.*

And you too Spike.

John K Clark
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