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>…A cousin of mine lost her ability…  Taking away the phone is just another terrible thing for her.


>…I'll await answers.  I think I know one way:  put the accepted list of numbers in the phone and block all others.  Can't they do that?  Is that a possibility?


>…bill w



>…Sure can BillW.  A lotta times that’s the way to do phones for kids.  They can call anyone they want, but only their friends and family can call them.  We use that for my son.


>…It isn’t tricky at all.  I recommend you post forward to your cousin’s husband and suggest it forthwith.  Have the guy at the shop set it up.





Cool BillW, you gave me an idea.


We rig your cousin’s phone to block scammers, but to log their numbers.  We get a sacrificial phone number that can only call out.  Then we write software to use that number to randomly dial the scammers with scam calls at all hours.  We have an actor who can voice-mimic a confused geezer, tell them you want to buy it (whatever it is they are selling) then give them a phony credit card number we can trace, then see who hits on it.


BillW, you are a GENIUS me lad!  Good thinking.  We can have some fun here.



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