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> The Right tends to worship hierarchy, tradition, and obedience.

### This is no longer true. It is the left that worships dominance, rigid
bureaucratic rules and demands obedience, ever since the Left wrested power
from the Right (about 100 years in the US by now). What the Left worshipped
before glomming on to power is a history long gone.

Actually, I don't really care about Left-Right politicking and pigeonholing.

I prefer to divide people among two general classes: Those who ask "Who?
Whom?" and those who ask "What? How? Why?"

Another division that I like, often coinciding with the above dichotomy, is
Takers and Makers.

And then there are those who say "My way or no way" and there are those who
say "Live and let live".

These divisions reflect important cognitive and emotional differences among
people which shape their interests (Who vs. What), which leads them to take
on different social roles (Takers vs. Makers) and embody different recipes
for life (My way vs. Let live).

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