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 >>…Owning property doesn’t make one smart.     spike


>…  Sure, some of them are as dumb as lint, but to own and keep owning it shows signs of intelligence - not a lot, I"ll admit

bill w


My WV property has no limit on the number of co-owners.  The state doesn’t care, so long as it gets its property tax.  We (the owners (all cousins at this point)) specifically asked if it was OK to bring on more co-owners: that was the answer.  Pay the taxes and you can have as many co-owners as you want.  They won’t send them all tax bills but they can still be listed as co-owners, so long as the WV government ends up with the tax money.  

WV is happy to collect tax revenue on property that is completely useless because it has no road to it.  If anyone ever does build a road, then WV is free to assess the value of that property at whatever they want (in which case we stop paying the taxes (and the state owns it (they realize no one will do that (the land is too rugged back there (but if someone did build a road the property does become valuable (and the state would want it.)))))

The family wants that property too.  My great great grandfather had a homestead back there, my great grandfather and my grandmother were born there.  We want to keep that.  We could create co-owners in arbitrary numbers (for a profit) giving the new co-owners the right to vote and a credential on their intelligence at the same time.

But keep in mind: if owning property makes one smart, then owning more property makes one more smart.  Are you ready to go there?




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