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> followup -- do we think that he knows he is lying? Two possibilities
> here:  one is that he knows.  Fine, he is a jerk but not insane.  Two - he
> doesn't know he is lying.  Not fine.

The thing I don't get is Trump is not even a good liar, he might as well
have "*I AM LYING*" tattooed on his forehead, even Trump fans knew he was
lying when he said Mexico would pay for the wall but for some reason that I
can't even pretend to understand they don't care, it hasn't harmed him
politically. I tend to get mad at people who lie to me, especially if they
don't believe I'm even worth the time to find a good lie that is not flat
out ridiculous, I mean it seems to me like common courtesy to put a little
effort into it, but I guess I'm just weird that way.

> He needs to leave his brain to science.  bill w

Do you think there is an electron microscope powerful enough to see
something that small?

John K Clark
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