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> Anyone other big winners during the shutdown?

PPE - including hand sanitizer - manufacturers.  Sure, there are a bunch
more people getting in on the game now, but any company that was already in
the industry when this started (and avoided getting shut down themselves,
largely through being declared essential industries) has been making bank.
Even as the shutdown lifts, there will probably be continued high demand
for a while.

That said, shifting to PPE manufacture is an easy win if you're in another
depressed industry and you've got compatible equipment.  Have a
distillery?  Make hand sanitizer.  Have nearly any kind of high volume
plastics manufacture?  Make masks.  And if you've got the medical chops to
shift over to making ventilators, the US federal government (not to mention
several states) would like to reward (as in pay) you to do that if you're
not doing some other essential service.

Seriously.  If you're out of work but would be able to contribute to
something like this?  Short term gold mine over here.  (Though it's not
trivial.  The effort I'm part of is trying to get to high volume
manufacture before we can tap into the market.  If anyone's got
underutilized injection molding or other mass plastics manufacture
machinery and is looking to get in on this, please contact me offlist this
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