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Fri May 15 07:24:14 UTC 2020

I tend to agree with the idea that there's something more to a person
than the information encoded in the connectome. But perhaps this
"something more" is essentially the same for everyone.

I suspect that consciousness is really a physical state of matter. If
so human minds can be uploaded by 1) capturing the information
(memories etc.) encoded in a connectome, and 2) re-instantiating the
information in a matter substrate with the potential for
consciosuness. We’re on the way to achieving 1). Achieving 2) will
likely require new physics, but science is moving in that direction.

On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 9:10 AM Ben Zaiboc via extropy-chat
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> On 14/05/2020 23:00, Re Rose wrote:
> A copy is not and can never be you because "you" are a whole being, an agent - not fully described by information in your brain alone
> I'd be interested to know, then, what information does fully describe 'you'.
> Unless you are claiming that 'you' is more than information? (and if so, then what else?).
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