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> >>…It's simple and cheap to store a brain at -196C, you just put it in a
>> big thermos and pore in some liquid nitrogen, but to evenly store it at
>> -135C would be complex and expensive, you'd need all sorts of fans and heat
>> exchangers and sensors and a computer network to manage it all, and that is
>> a lot of places where a catastrophic failure could occur…
> *> On the contrary.  Storing at a stable -135C is cheaper and easier than
> -196C: -135C is below the critical point of argon.  Liquid argon gradually
> boils off at -135C when held around 30atm*

At atmospheric pressure the boiling point of liquid argon is -186C, and I
think it would be a very bad idea to have large containers full of brains
pressurized at 30 atm. And liquid nitrogen cost about 30 cents a liter but
liquid argon costs $2.25 a liter.

John K Clark
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