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*> The concept is very simple. I don't want that "me" changing the locks on
> "my" house.*

What if you found out there was some other guy who had a key to your house
and claimed to be Darin Sunley? Wouldn't you want to change the locks
before he did? But if you did would that mean you are not you?

*> Put another way, there is a deeply meaningful difference between "me"
> and "a copy of me".*

The law of the land might make some random arbitrary decision on which one
was the real deal, just as it has in deciding that one voter gets much more
influence than another, but logically both would have equally valid claims
to be Darin Sunley.

*> Questions of philosophical identity are all fun and games until they
> slam into property rights at relativistic speed.*

Welcome to the Singularity meat grinder.

*> If your theory of identity can't be used to derive a workable set of
> property rights laws, it's not much good for anything. *

Both have a equally valid claim to be called Darin Sunley so regardless of
who eventually gets to live in that house Darin Sunley will feel that
justice has been achieved and Darin Sunley will feel that a profound
injustice has been committed and Darin Sunley will be absolutely correct.
If that seems weird well that's why it's called a Singularity.

John K Clark
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