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On 17/05/2020 21:23, Darin Sunley wrote:

> > Put another way, there is a deeply meaningful difference between "me"
>> > and "a copy of me". We have strongly differing preferences as to whose
>> > key opens the locks to my house, and whose bank account "my" employer
>> > deposits "my" paycheque into.
> > You are simply talking about two versions of 'me'. 'Me1' and 'Me2'. In
> a
> situation where there are two of you, and only one set of belongings, of
> course there would be a conflict. This has nothing to do with the
> argument about whether a 'copy of you' is 'you' or not.

You and an exact copy of you are facing each other an equal distance from
the center of a symmetrical room. I have a switch and tell you that when I
throw it you will instantly exchange positions. When I do you would notice
no difference, you could not even determine if I was telling the truth; the
switch might have been connected to nothing, or maybe not, but either way
it makes no difference to you#1 or to you#2. And if it makes no difference
it would be pointless to pretend that there are 2 different yous.

John K Clark

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