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Don't worry about inspiring bad actors.  Either someone else already has,
or someone else will.

Of course, it's one thing to complain about situations; dystopian fiction
can be seen as a form of such complaint.  It's another to suggest solutions
- even in fiction, that someone might actually implement (minding the
details, but at least they have an idea of what to do).

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> Are potential dystopian futures better off being discussed and/or written
> about or simply kept quiet to oneself? To what extent does dystopian
> science fiction serve as a constructive warning to society as opposed to a
> how-to guide for those corruptible souls that seek power at all costs? To
> what extent did Orwell contribute to the creation of the modern
> surveillance state? If one saw how the present situation could be made far
> worse and even down right horrifying should one discuss it or write about
> it? Or would that make those horrible things more likely to come to pass by
> giving bad actors ideas they might not have otherwise had?
> Stuart LaForge
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