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Thanks, good to know! The (nested(nested(nested(nested)))) comments and fragments seem confusing, glad to hear they are not :)






When we have someone among us who knows a lot about their topic, often no one posts a reply for reasons I understand: I don’t know enough about the topic to ask a reasonable question.  So I just read and try to learn.


Regarding the nested comments, note how people talk.  A lot of spoken conversation contains serial digressions.  If you try to transcribe exact discussions verbatim, they often seem chaotic (but if nested parenthetical comments are demarcated, it becomes clearer (for everything inside the parentheses can be eliminated)) making it difficult to follow the line of thought.






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Hi Rose, ja we are reading this.  Why is it confusing?  Your posts are filled with good stuff.




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OK, I'm going to do the interspersed-with-NON-YELLING-CAPS-thing again, below.


Are people really reading this? It's confusing even me!! LOL


happy day to all~


-----< BIG SNIP >---------- 


Stay healthy


--> Thx, you too!

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