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>…Really not good to combine them at all. Not sure what the CDC is thinking... Or perhaps they don’t have much say in it.

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Hi SR, ja.  The data is mixed in such a way as to make direct comparison difficult.  We could have death rates as a fallback, but in the US, we have taken a very liberal approach: counting anyone who dies with the virus and dying of the virus.  We compounded the problem by incentivizing hospitals to count that way.  That was a big mistake which misled plenty of mayors into doing the wrong thing.


The whole misadventure has me thinking of how to work the really big metropolis areas in a way that promotes social distancing.  An example would be enclosed, self-driving  single seat vehicles, with a clam-shell enclosure.  The prole would get in, tell it where she wanted to end up, and it does the driving.  Such a rig could be built at 200 kg or less, have a top speed of about 30 kph and could be hauled up in elevators (but not escalators) with the passenger inside.


We could imagine supply vehicles could be made this way too: they would go without any human cargo, but would carry food and other necessary items in to a point destination.  


We have created a few really super high-density areas where it has become impossible to do effective social distancing.  In those really big metro areas, they might have high-density zones where these kinds of single-passenger vehicles would go, but nothing with a steering wheel would be allowed.





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