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*> the error rate that you and John complain about is an essential part of
> evolution.*

True, and that is yet another reason why Evolution is a ridiculously silly
way to get things done. Natural selection can't select for a helpful
positive mutation if it doesn't exist in the gene pool, and the
overwhelming majority of random changes to your genome would be strongly
negative, and even the very rare positive changes are only slightly
positive.  That's because there are just more ways for something to work
badly than the number of ways for something to work well, so it's very
unlikely that hitting your car engine with a sledge hammer will improve its
performance. It's why it took Evolution 3 billion years to go from
inventing bacteria to inventing brains good enough to have a technology. It
took a long time but now with brains there is a new guy in town, we only
invented electronic computers about 70 years ago and look how far we've

 John K Clark
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