[ExI] Evolution

Ben ben at zaiboc.net
Fri May 22 22:02:03 UTC 2020

On 22/05/2020 13:34, Stuart LaForge wrote:
>   the error rate that you and John complain about is an essential part of evolution. If DNA replication was 100% accurate then none of us would be here. Life would never have progressed beyond the RNA world or whatever the prototypical life scenario was. The ability to modulate the error rate and fine tune it over time and space is a feature of DNA-based wetware, and not a bug. Perfect fidelity is unnatural and changing environmental conditions will inevitably render any "perfect" organism extinct.

This is perfectly true, and of course I'm not arguing otherwise.
What I am saying is that regarding evolution as a perfect system is 
silly and that there are other, better ways of doing things. Evolution, 
biology and nature in general has done a marvellous but limited job so 
far, and now (or soon) it's time for something better. My analogy of 
evolution as an abusive parent stands. Without it, we wouldn't be here, 
but we need to get away from it asap.

Ben Zaiboc

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