[ExI] Summer weather and COVID-19

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>…Rather than cars, I think of food.  Already existing in places are highrise buildings where produce is grown under sun and artificial light.  Why not combine the building with apartments for the workers there?  Why not build places where you just walk across the hall to go to work?  Support staff will live in basements, which can be several stories deep.  Solves many problems such as transportation to work.  Ban private vehicles - use all public buses and trains.  I am quite sure that I did not steal these ideas from anyone and also sure that they are not unique.  bill w




General answer: most people who want to raise a family do not want to do that under those conditions.  Common pattern: people have a high-voltage career in one of the city-center high rise office buildings, and commute to the suburbs.  I am thinking of ways to enable that.  Drive a personal car to a staging area, get on board one of these electric pods, ride that the last 5-10 km.


I am viewing it from an engineering point of view.  This would include such practical challenges such as having these individual pods go into a subway tunnel, then roll aboard a moving platform, like an escalator, flat.



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