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> >>…And that's why in the entire history of the world no country with a
>> constitution has ever slipped into dictatorship...oh waite ...
> *> Not just any constitution will do.  It must be one with a Bill of
> Rights.  *

On August 11 1919 Germany adopted a new constitution and it said Germany
would be a republic with leaders elected by the people every few years and
all were granted the same civil rights and responsibilities. All had the
right to have private property. All had the right of freedom of expression.
All had the right of peaceful assembly. All had the right of freedom of
religion and there was no state religion.  So you tell me, how did that
work out?

>…Yeah yeah because otherwise deficit spending will destroy the
>> economy, the same song and dance I've been hearing all my life and all my
>> father's life too, and it's starting to get a little old…
>> *> If runaway deficits will never hurt us, have you ever figured out why
>> we are paying taxes at all? *
Spike, do you honestly believe that is a valid argument for having zero
debt? A function can have other input numbers besides zero and infinity and
one of those numbers could produce maximum output. And I should have added
that my grandfather had been hearing your little song and dance all his
life too, as had his father.

  John K Clark
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