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re pensions - Every state should take a long look at Alabama (yes,
Alabama!).  The director of the teacher's pensions could have been a
billionaire if he had chose to.  'We' own buildings in NYC that we rent
out.  We own a 4 star hotel on Mobile Bay.  We own a Robert Trent Jones
golf trail that people from all over the world come to play.  He has been
able to fight off the legislators who want to tap the fund for their pork.
It really is an amazing story for such a backwards state (I have lived in
Tennessee Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, and for most things Alabama
is the most backward.)

bill w

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> Spike Jones wrote:
> > Counterproposal: government workers have a base salary. If the
> > fed takes in less money than necessary to pay everyone, then
> > the salaries are reduced by that fraction.
> That is sort of how the WI state retirement system works.
> When investments are good pensions go up, when investments
> are bad pensions go down. So unlike many other states, the
> WI state retirement system is essentially fully funded.
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