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When is a certain screwdriver called a hammer?



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When it's used to pound nails in.


If everything looks like a nail, what tool do you have?


Somewhat imaginative, but no cigar.  This is a professional tool, not a make-do.   bill w



Tending a bar is a profession, and bartenders use cocktails as tools to satisfy their clientele.  A screwdriver is a drink made from orange juice and vodka.  If one devours too much alcohol one is hammered.  A screwdriver in that sense is a tool a bartender might use to help her clients get hammered.


Alternative: an impact driver can be self-contained.  If a screw head is distressed, it can still be driven in with a device that is pressed down until it goes bang, turning the screw to the right.  An impact driver has an internal hammer, so in a sense it hammers the screw into the wood.





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